organic scone mix that bakes scones reminiscent of traditional English scones, a cross between a biscuit and a piece of cake.  Satisfying and healthy.  Our quality ingredients include a whole wheat pastry flour that captures its unique texture and flavor through a special milling process. This wonderful flour is the key ingredient that gives our scones a wonderful crumb and palate pleasing taste that is...HEAVENLY!

~  Certified Organic ~

~ 27 oz. Versatile Mix makes 2 recipes ~

Delectable Recipe Booklet  ~

Complete your heavenly scones with my deliciously "sweet and tart" lemon curd. Freshly made with eggs, sugar, water, butter, lemon puree and tapioca starch, my lemon curds are always a winner!

~  Topping for Fruit ~

~ Use as a Filling ~

A true tea cookie leaves crumbs on your lips and melts-in-your-mouth. It is the perfect companion to a steamy, fragrant cup of tea. You will not be disappointed with my tea cookies!   Choose traditional butter or white chocolate pecan.

~ Traditional Butter ~

~ White Chocolate Pecan ~
Tea Foods for the Tea Table